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Though it is not necessary to go through an agent to look for or sell a property in the UAE, a good agent can be extremely beneficial. An agent takes charge of the overall coordination, from negotiating with the other party to meet your price expectations, to deliver the required documents when renting, buying, or selling a property. They have a deep knowledge of Dubai’s residential areas as well as the way the real estate system works in the UAE. Basically, they are your guide every step of the way.

Finding a trustworthy broker is vital to ensure a smooth process of renting, purchasing, or selling a property – the last thing you want is to hire a broker that places their own interests above yours and cuts corners to earn some commission. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure you pick a reliable broker that has your best interests in mind to support you on your property journey.

1- Research, research, research

The point of hiring a broker is to minimize your work and save you time in researching potential properties, and to find the right agent who will help you, in the long run, you need to conduct some background research. Look for the top, high rated, experienced real estate agencies or agents in your emirate, go through the website, social media pages, and reviews. The quickest way to filter agents is to check their online presence. You can also do a quick sweep on whether they have been featured in the media and what kind of coverage they have received. This will help give you a fair idea about the agency/agent, which can help shape your decision.

2- Conduct interviews

Buying or selling a house is no small feat and requires a lot of effort and expertise. Don’t just sign the deal with the very first agent you stumble upon. It is imperative to conduct one on one interviews with at least 3-4 agents before you reach a decision. Compile a list of specific questions to ask the potential realtor to find out more about their experience, sales history, their expertise in the kind of property you’re looking for/selling, and how they operate. No matter how much research and analysis you do, a personal interview is also crucial to assess the type of individual who will potentially represent and assist you.

3- Get referrals

Don’t shy away from seeking a contact list of a number of clients the agent has worked with in the last year or so. Speaking to past clients is one of the best ways to find a trustworthy agent as it will give you a good and clear idea about how the agent works and how they react during tough circumstances before you sign a contract. Make sure to ask things like whether the broker is quick on their feet while responding to queries and whether a former client would choose the firm or agent again. Talking to past clients will not only give you feedback on the agent’s proficiency and skillset but will help you gauge their personality and character.

 4- Look into the agent’s licensing

Though property scams are not a common occurrence in the UAE, they can happen. Make sure to take note of and double-check the agent’s credentials and licensing. If the agent practices in Dubai, make a point of verifying whether the agent is RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) certified by asking for a copy of their RERA ID or logging onto to check the list of approved brokers.

Ultimately, you should look not only for a qualified representative to handle your real estate needs by taking the relevant steps to cut you a good deal but an agent who you can build a good rapport with and one who puts your best interests first throughout the process.

Finding or selling a property doesn’t have to be a painful experience so invest the time upfront to get the right support and it will make a huge difference in how smoothly your journey goes.  Happy hunting!

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